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Volume Two

November 22, 2016
Volume One
November 8, 2016

Return to the world of The Magician’s Workshop: Where Dreams Become Reality.

I n Volume Two, the Festival of Stars has finally arrived, and the Color Ceremony is about to commence. As children from all over the islands gather to stand before a puller, one question remains: who will have a Color, and who will be found void?

Rejoin Kai, Layauna, and all your favorite characters as they step forward and receive a label that will have the power to dramatically alter the course of their lives forever.

"With a unique world with characters that are relatable and struggles that are real, this thought provoking book will leave you entertained and wanting more. If you like a coming-of-age story, with fantastical vivid settings and beautiful imagery then this is a for sure buy. I plan on having this book in my home library for years to come.”

T I want a book to take me someplace new, different. I want to believe that this place could be real, even though I know this is impossible because it’s so fantastical—full of magic and mystery. Not many books pull that off, but your novel does. I found it quite satisfying.


"The book is riviting, it got my attention from the first few pages and I can't let it go. The characters are several but written in a way that I haven't experienced, allowing us to see the story unfold from each one's personal perspective. I find the characters refreshing and believable.”

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