About the Story

It all began when the ruling elders of Wondertale Press first laid eyes on the original manuscript of the novel.

“Zango!” they shouted.

It was like a mythical creature had landed in their midst. “Gather the magicians!”

Straight away they embarked on a quest to have this tale published. They threw down bags of gold at the feet of the authors and set the magicians to work editing and designing.

It was an exciting time. Everyone knew this was going to be mega.

And what is the name of this flamtabulous tale? The Magician’s Workshop. Readers find it to be a playful coming-of-age story, full of childhood wonder, whooshing magic, and incredibly complex characters.

It all takes place on a distant planet, billions of trillions of skyblips from our own. Everyone there lives on islands, and they can all do magic.

Yup. Everyone is magical. Anything anyone can imagine can be projected into existence. Their entire world is crammed full of augmented reality.

So what does this mean for the characters?

As kids, this magical ability means silly fun, endless adventures, and deep personal expression. But as they grow, they’re forced to face great emotional conflict, oppressive rules, and a whole lot of vicious competition.

This book was designed for teens, but in Wondertale’s market testing, they’ve found that adults love it just as much. No matter your age, we sincerely hope you’ll give it a try!

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